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National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a network of caring and dedicated volunteers in the United States and Canada who have a deep passion for dog rescue and specifically  the homeless American Brittany, affectionately called a "Britt."

There are currently 28 dogs available for adoption. You can view all the dogs or search by specific attributes on our "Available for Adoption" page.


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PoundWishes - Mastectomy, Hernia Surgery, Spay and Heart Worm Treatment Needed for Gwen

Ready to help Brittany Gwen in Michigan? Act Now!

Little Gwen was found as a stray in Michigan by a good Samaritan who took her to the local shelter hoping that someone would be missing her and would claim her......but sadly, this did not happen. The shelter then contacted NBRAN (National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network) because Gwen needed A LOT of help and she was extremely thin at 22 lbs. It was obvious that she had been on her own for a while.

NBRAN's vet thoroughly examined Gwen and found out that she had many things going on, including a heart murmur, mitral valve prolapse, an inguinal hernia, tumors in all of her mammary glands, heart worms and SEVEN broken ribs (most likely from a kick from a boot!). This week she had a complete mastectomy and her hernia surgery. Once she had recovered from her surgery she will begin treatment for heart worms, which is a long and expensive treatment. She also needed to be spayed. Gwen's total vet bills will be in excess of $5000.00 so if you can help us offset some of these costs, please "donate now" via the PoundWishes link below.

PoundWishes Giving A Second Chance
Click on Gwen's image to reach her Donation Page

Someone turned their back on Gwen because she was old......and left her to fend for herself but now that she is with NBRAN, she will never be alone again! She is a gentle and loving soul and has an amazing spirit for one who ended up unwanted and lost on the side of the road. She seems to know now that she is safe and she has a smile that will melt your heart.

Gwen is believed to be approximately 8 years old. She is doing well in foster care and has gained 5 lbs. but she still has a long road to recovery and will not be available for adoption until she has recovered from all her surgeries/treatments. She is currently on antibiotics and pain medication as she heals.

PoundWishes Giving A Second Chance
Donate through PoundWishes link

Make a Difference in the Life of an Adoptable Dog!

Thundershirts are helping shelters and rescue groups across the country to manage the dogs they receive with anxiety, fear and excitement issues. Your Thundershirt Donation will be put to excellent use helping to transition one of our wonderful dogs back to a forever home.

Make a Difference in the Life of an Adoptable Dog!
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Brittany's and the Mission of NBRAN
American Brittany 101
Check out this video on American Brittanys from Animal Planet
So You’re Thinking About Adopting a Brittany?
Check out our article on Perfect Puppy Care!
NBRAN Has TWO Adoption Programs
Just for Our Senior Dogs

The NBRAN Seniors to Seniors Program is available for senior applicants   who are age 60 or older interested in adopting a senior Brittany- 9 years or older.  The State Coordinator who is responsible for the dog will discuss the adoption donation with you.

If you're not a senior, but are interested in a senior dog, we also have a program for you! Our ADOPT A SENIOR program goal is to find our senior dogs loving homes. Your state coordinator can give you all the details about our Adopt a Senior program. Senior Brittanys make loving companions- without all the crazy Brittany energy of younger dogs.

Seniors for Seniors
Senior Britts are the best!

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Foster homes are our lifeline to saving dogs. We have opportunities for fostering in every state and Canadian Province. Fostering not only helps the dogs, but blesses the humans involved too. Knowing that you are helping a Brittany find a forever loving home is a great feeling! If you can foster please complete a volunteer application under the Help the Dogs button on our menu. If you prefer, call Susan Spaid at 814-771-6720 or e-mail at or Gaye Bricker at 330-673-2702 or e-mail at

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Adopting a pet pays you back ten fold. If you are not able to adopt, volunteers are always needed to help transport or foster a pet. You may also choose to donate to this effort on our Donate Now page. All donations are tax deductible!

Once called "the Brittany Spaniel," the AKC has officially changed their breed name to "the American Brittany."   A Brittany retains a puppy-like quality in their personality and are gentle, clownish, active dogs. They are great family dogs.

The number of dogs available for adoption varies from month to month.

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