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I would dedicate this memorial to a Wonderful, Sweet foster dog of mine named Roan.

Roan (10 yr) came to me in May 2000, his owner's health was failing and he could no longer take care of Roan or his kennel mate Caesar (11 yr). Their owner took him to his vet to have both dogs put down, but the vet refused and contacted Rescue. Roan was such a sweet boy, well behaved, the perfect gentleman. You couldn't have asked for a better companion. He was hunted all his life and was ready to be spoiled with lots of love and attention. I finally had found Roan a great home with a wonderful lady who was moving from Louisiana back to Maine and she wanted to Roan to be her constant companion. Prior to his scheduled adoption day, Roan developed a wheezing sound and I took him to the vet to see what could possible be wrong. The vet listen to his chest and said it sounded clear and didn't know what was causing the wheezing noise. About 3 weeks later, Roan was having real difficulty breathing one evening and I rushed him to the emergency clinic. I spent several hours at the emergency vet, waiting to find out what was the matter. The news was bad, Roan had Congestive Heart Failure, the vet was not optimistic that medicine would help at his age. I had to make a decision that night that could not have been any harder if it were one of my own kids, because of course Roan was my foster child and had been for 6 months. This was the very evening his adoptive mom was arriving to pick Roan up. Through eyes full of tears I had to drive home, to tell Roan's new mom the sad news. Even though Roan never made the trip to his new home with his new mom, I'm glad for the time I got to spend with him and that the time he spent here with me he was well cared for and loved. We Miss You Roan................

Take Care,

Clara Cory