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Addie May came into my life as have all my rescue Brittys - unexpected, unplanned, but very much wanted and loved. She was found nearly starved to death with pneumonia knee-deep in ice cold water in someone's barn... the lady who paid off the owner got her to another rescue group who contacted Brittany rescue and I was the one who volunteered to foster her. She was already an old soul but she blossomed in our happy Brittany home and even put on some weight. She was always shy and soft-padded, never a bark, not ever, not once. She was able to go on walkies with us for a couple of years but this summer started to fail fast. If you could have seen her sweet eyes, her loving face, her forgiving nature. She was named My Addie May-May and when she stopped eating and losing wieght, she still did not give up. All the others washed her and snuggled to her and on January 2, she passed to heaven in my arms, never struggling even then. I love you my sweet baby-girl. Thanks especially to Erich Hooper who helped pay for her hospital bills when she was adopted.  

Stacy Wyman