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I adopted, Aimee, an English Setter, through NBRAN on 8/18/2007. She had been homeless and starved weighing only 22 lbs when found. Through nuturing and loving care by her foster mom, Rita Reynolds, she blossomed up to 28 lbs and came to live with me. She forever changed my life; she is my soulmate - my love - possessing the greatest heart I have ever witnessed. On 9/23/2007, she was diagnosed with renal failure, but she flourished for awhile reaching a top weight of 35 lbs. About 3 months ago began a downturn, but, whenever I thought the end was near, she would rally once again. Then, on May 27th 2009, she told me it was time. She was tired and her weight was now around 27 lbs.
Thankfully, her vet came to my home and euthanized her on the couch that was her favorite bed, with several of her animal buddies in attendance. It took longer than expected because that great heart of her's just wouldn't quit. She is my hero! 

Luci Carleton