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Andy was our foster NBRAN dog. In the few weeks weeks we had him he especially won my heart. He was a good dog that was dealt a bad hand somewhere along his life's journey. Andy was only with us a short time but he deserves to be remembered by all the people he spent time with in the last few months. His favorite thing was his food bowl and he would race around the kitchen at meal time and drool while he waited to be fed. He tried his very best to be a happy dog and show love to us. I loved cuddling with him, he was so huggable. We have wonderful pictures of him and Lily, our 1&1/2 year old Brittany. My favorite one is of them laying together shortly after he arrived, on one dog bed, in the shape of a heart. Andy crossed the Rainbow Bridge way before he should have had to on February 8th, 2012 while cradled in my arms.

Andy, I had so wanted to adopt you and give you a good life here. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I miss you terribly big guy and hope you are finally at peace.

Sharon Mann