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We rescued Beth from the Meridian, Idaho shelter. She had been picked up as a stray, and was not doing well in the shelter. NBRAN had taken a number of dogs from the shelter and we had a good relationship with shelter employees. They offered to take her to a local vet who could examine her and hold her until our volunteer could pick her up. Beth was extremely thin and had trouble walking, obviously an older dog. A transport was arranged and she was moved to us in Eastern Washington. We had our vet look at her, and she said "she's almost starved to death, she has horrible broken teeth and is very weak. I don't know if she will make it." We fed Beth rice mixed with milk and ground meat for a long time, nursed her back to health and had her teeth repaired as best we could. At first she would fall down when she walked, but eventually she recovered. We estimated that she was 12. We kept her because she was such a sweet old dog, deaf and going blind. We had her for two years before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but she was very happy those two years with our pack and loved going for long walks in the country and could often smell the pheasants despite the fact she couldn't see or hear their calls. We miss her every day.

Linda Davis Larson