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"Brandy was my best friend growing up. She went hunting with me and my dad, but more than anything she was a 'house' Brittany. She got her choice of anyone's bed, mine included, and all the table scrapes she could eat. She was so loving and gentle, and even in her old age was able to put up with toddlers crawling over her. She loved to rough house with me and let my sister and I do anything to her. Including dress her up in Disney princess gowns and parade her around the house. I love her and miss her so much and she was the true third child in our family. I had her for 16 years of the 21 I have lived. They day came when she could no longer stand up and could hardly walk. That was the hardest day of my family's life. But we know that now she is waiting for us on the other side, running and chasing birds....and still getting her choice of beds and all the table scrapes she can eat."