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The Buck was a failed foster who became my very best friend. He had a rough start in life as he was tied to a tree for most of his first 8 years of life. When I picked him up he had a cone on his head due to eye surgery he had that day. He was also 10lbs overweight. That didn't stop him from working his way into the front seat to eat some paper on the floor. Little did I know this was a sign of things to come. The Buck would eat ANYTHING and his first few days at home were awful. He was so destructive I called my coordinator and told her they'd have to find another home. She said they would but asked that I house him for a few more days. I agreed and never looked back. Buck and I learned how to live together and then fell in love. Well, I fell in love and The Buck accepted it with mild tolerance. He was so goofy and quirky...while most dogs actively seek affection, The Buck would do drive-bys and if you were quick you could get a quick pat in. He would allow some cuddling while he was chewing on a bone. A few months ago The Buck started slowing down. He had heart failure. We did all we could, medicine, special food, carrying up the stairs. Every night his dad would spend 15 minutes petting The Buck and hitting all the good scratching spots. The Buck knew we loved him and he held out as long as he could. It was always my goal to give him as much time off the tree as on. But I didn't make it. I'm so sad...more sad than I've been in my life. To think I almost missed the 3 years I got with the sweetest soul because I didn't realize all he needed was a chance to be loved... he was SO loved and Andy and I will think of him every day until we cross the bridge.

- Tara