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Buddy came into our world from the National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network (NBRAN), in late 2009, our first NBRAN adoptee.  Like many rescues, Buddy’s history was rather uncertain and  we think he was about 4 years old.  His foster (a high school senior) told us that Buddy was a runner, and we sure found that to be the case.  He was also a handful when walking on-leash.  I took Buddy through a beginner obedience class and an agility class.  He did well in both classes and as long as I had treat, Buddy was eager to please.

Only a few things bothered Buddy—thunderstorms, fireworks, and our security systems alarm.  We got Buddy a Thunder shirt, tried lavender scented bandanas, and gave him natural calming pills, but at best they alleviated only a small amount of his thunderstorm and loud noise anxiety.  Buddy was immediately a good fit in our family.  He was always the gentle old man in the house, particularly with all the NBRAN foster Brittany’s who lived with us.  He never had a problem with another dog.  Buddy was also easy going with people.  You wouldn’t call Buddy a cuddly dog and he didn’t have anyone as his favorite human.  Buddy was too dignified for overt emotion.  If you had a treat, he was your friend.  If you wanted to pet him, he would always allow it, but he seldom ever sought affection.

Both his eyesight and hearing have been failing for the past few years and over the last few months his balance had been deteriorating.  Lately though, his falls had been happening more often and he had trouble getting back up.  And finally, we’ve had to pick Buddy up and carry him into the house after he collapsed on a walk and just couldn’t get up.  We spent his last day letting him sleep, carrying him out to pee, and just keeping him comfortable. Buddy was always him own dog, doing what he was interested in doing.  He was a gentle soul.  He was part of our family for over 10 years.  We miss him.


Paul and Leslie Demmert