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Candy was one of my first foster girls and was loved terribly, she came to me in April of 2002 at the age of 10. She was a happy and loving little girl who will be missed alot. She became sick on Thursday and we ended up at the emergency vet that night with bad news the she was in heart failure and liver failure, and that her lungs were over 98% full of fluid and that she would not make it for two days. It was a difficult to have her put down because she was still waging her tail and giving kisses to the end.

She came to me very defensive and we worked through it and she ended up a big part of the family. Her favorite thing was to go on long walks and play with my other britts, plus sneak a nap on the coach when I was not looking. I am so glad she came to me for the remainder of her life and not at a shelter. Candy love we will miss you!!!