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Chloe Bell

Today is a day that I will remember forever, October 28, 2019 is not just any day to me.. it is the day that my loving Chloe Bell took a trip over the rainbow bridge.  Chloe was and always will be the best partner I could ever ask for, her sweet and loving character brought me a smile everyday.  A growl or snarl was never shown from her it was always loving eyes and a sweet tender smile on her face even up until her last moments.  A sweet old soul that never hesitated to cuddle up with a kitten or go play with her brothers and sisters.  I could never put into words how thankful I am for being able to grow up with such an amazing and beautiful best friend. I wish I could cuddle with you one last time.  Run free my love, I will see you soon enough.

NBRAN Adoption Date: 07/14/2006


Makenzie Bonner