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We adopted our beloved Churchill in August 2010 from NBRAN. Sherry Sexton, the NBRAN Alabama State Coordinator, had rescued/fostered him from near death. We had recently lost a 14 year old Brittany and our hearts were broken. When Sherry drove up with him he was sitting in the back seat like a little gentleman. He got out and came up to my husband, Jim, sat down and looked up at him with those sweet eyes. We were instantly smitten with our boy. From that point on Churchill more than filled our hearts with sweetness and love. He was so gentle and easy going. Every morning he came to my bedside and put his head on it, urging me to get up and see what the outside world had to offer.

He loved treats and would follow me around in the kitchen just hoping I might drop some morsel. The ice maker was a favorite sound to him. He loved ice so much we called him the Ice King. He loved to take a toy outside and bury it for future play. His pesky brothers sometimes found his treasures only to cause him to be more creative in hiding. He also kept squirrels from over running our home with constant vegalance. His only fault was he left us much too soon.

January 7, 2012 he became very sick and we rushed him to the emergency vet. There we found out he had a large tumor on his spleen. There were other complications in addition to the tumor. We could not and would not let our dear friend suffer. We released Churchill from pain and suffering on this earth in exchange for peace in the next world. We will love and miss him always. Our time was short together but he left us with so many happy memories. There are no words or comfort for the pain we feel in him no longer being here. Today our hearts are broken again. I hope when I pass this world I will find him waiting on me and he will be wondering if I brought a treat. And I will-a big hug. 

Jimmy & Claire Kuhn