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We are so heartbroken over our sweet Coco girl passing on the morning of June 23rd.  I had just gotten back from an out-of-town trip, and my husband Philip told me that our girl wasn't feeling well, not eating and not moving.  While I was driving home from my trip, I was so anxious, wanting to see Coco and give her some Mommy love.  I was able to spend some time on the floor with her telling her how much I loved her.  While she couldn't move much, she had drunk some water Saturday night, and we were hopeful that she would recover.  Philip woke me up early Saturday morning saying that Coco had passed away while they were sitting on the back porch together.  It was a peaceful end for our amazing girl, sitting with her beloved Dad.  They went everywhere together, and I still hear him speak to her when he's on the back porch.  We only had this blessing for eight months and she was 12 1/2 years old, but we couldn't have fallen more in love with a companion if we had her for years.  We are so grateful to NBRAN for allowing this precious girl into our lives, and we will miss her every day.


Philip and Kathy Reel