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6/9/01 – 5/12/13

"You were the center of my whole universe and now I am completely lost without you. You were the sweetest, smartest, sassiest, bravest and most beautiful soul I have ever known. Though this chapter of my life that was with you is now over, it will always be the best time of my life and I don’t regret a single moment of my life with you. You were my precious, I loved you more than the whole wide world, we were together all the time and it still wasn’t enough.

I ache to see your big brown eyes again, to watch you chase butterflies, to see you collect your rocks, to argue with you, to see you spin around with pure joy because you can’t contain your happiness to see me, to see you wag your nubby tail, to have you butt me with your head to rub your ears and scratch your head, to show me your belly for a good belly rub, to have my co-pilot with me in the car wherever we went, oh, so many ways you have impacted my life and I truly am like the earth wobbling around without the sun.

I’m so sorry you got sick so fast and that I couldn’t take it away or make it better no matter how hard I tried and that you are at peace now and didn’t suffer too long before I got you to the ER. When I got home after you went to Heaven, I couldn’t believe how lonely I was, how not having you around was like losing my shadow.

You were the most special boy in the world, nothing and no one could ever take your place in my heart.“

Thank you

Fantasia Forrest