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Cooper was a selfless dog. Caring about those around him. Sweet love able and never a peep to know something was wrong. He loved to speak and say I love you. He was loved by all that came in contact with him. He was dealt a bad hand by having an autoimmune disorder and spending over a year on steroids which brought him to rapidly diminish in the past few weeks. Though even in his last few days it was spent bringing smiles to our faces and love to our hearts . He will always be loved and missed. Till we meet again.


Someday i will meet you again. 
You will wag your tail and pucker up full of kisses 
I know that you are probably doing that as I type this. ( I may not be able to see you but I know you are here) 
We will go for your walks and bye bye in the car. 
You will squeak your toys pushing with your nose like a seal. 
We will curl up for a nap and snuggle while I hug you. 
You will talk by saying I love you.

You will run circles around the yard like a race track. 
Bark at cars passing like a siren chasing them 
You will roll over on you back and start to snore. 
But no matter what till then... 
I will always love you and know you loved me.

Cooper, you were a joy to all of us. 
You had a mind of your own. 
Sweet and gentle and never peep. 
Never and ounce of meanness (well to anyone other than the paper man) 
Wouldn't hurt a fly( though you did try to eat a few bees) 
You were hurting for a long time and never showed it. 
All that mattered to you was love and being loved. 
I wish I could of done more, but I don't feel it would of changed anything. 
You were and will always be the best. 
Let's of love and hugs till we meet again

Sandy Pascazi