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Gideon was facing euthanasia when a volunteer saved him from a nasty shelter. Being told he had kennel cough, we decided to take him to the vet immediately for routine medical care and to treat the kennel cough. Within a day, Gideon began declining. He was in isolation with IVs running and would not eat. The clinic was marvelous, checking him every hour and trying to hand feed him. They urged us to visit. I saw Gideon every day and was able to hold him and pet him. I truly believe he knew he was loved. Gideon updates were e-mailed to the entire volunteer group every day. For the next few days, his condition went up and down. I was never sure how he would be when I visited. At times he was in an oxygen cage because his breathing was so labored. At other times, he was alert and was eating and drinking. When I visited him five days after he was admitted, he was having such trouble breathing, I was ready to help him cross over. The vet was more optimistic and wanted to try the oxygen "box" again. I phoned the clinic at 10:30 that night to check on his condition and was told I might want to come in. When I arrived, my heart broke for this lovely, loving Brittany. It was very clear that he was in agony and needed to be relieved of his pain. Gideon hopped right into my lap and looked at me begging for help. I was honored to be the person to hold him and caress him as he crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Although Gideon was only with us a short week, he touched many hearts. Run and play once again Gideon, until we can join you.