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My dearest Gus, Gust, Gusto, Gustav, Gustavier, Goose, Gooseberry, Gooseberry Jones, Goose Master, Baby, Baby Boy, Pouty-boy, Pouty-boy Bob, Lovey Boy, Handsome Boy, and every other affectionate name I ever called you, I miss you fiercely and grieve every time I reach out to touch your fluffy, silky coat and find emptiness. You were more than a dog, you were my friend, my partner in crime, my bravery and my pillow. You gave me the courage to start a new life in a Latham and got me through Alex’s first semester of RPI. People who see your photo will think you were just a dog, They won’t know that you thought you were a person. You were funny, particular, and gentle, the best dog I have ever known. Thank you for letting us be your forever home, I just wish forever had lasted longer. I hope where you are, all the cats want to play chase with you and that you have a great porch to lay on.

All my love, Jackie