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Hudson came to us from our daughter in Massachusetts. Her family had been fostering him but his people never came back for him. He had to be confined to an aerial run but was taken every day to the park to run free. It became almost cruel for him to live that way and she sent him to her brother who had lots of land here in Georgia. (We ended up with him after he unraveled their carpet.) Hudson liked to hunt in the yard and loved to dig. And he dug everything. He was shy around other dogs but never met a human stranger. We had a family of rabbits move in nearby and it gave him more of a challenge to chase instead of the usual squirrels that would torment him. Poor Hudson was not the brightest as he'd chase a squirrel up a tree and it'd hop to another and scurry off leaving Hudson staring up at the tree for the rest of the day. But he knew he was suppose to chase something, anything. When people visited he'd greet them then he'd run off almost like he was showing off his running skills then come back just wanting a loving pat. He was a companion dog and never used in field trials. We don't have a fenced yard but he'd walk the perimeter and our neighbors thought we had underground fencing. He was simply amazing and there'll never be another like him. This photo was taken just 6 days before he passed over dying in my arms. He was special in so many ways. Miss him so. He died from unknown causes in July '12 and our little rescue terrier mix was sent to join him in September due to pancreatitis. We now have a rescue terror (that's terror, not terrier even though he's terrier mixed). He can't quite fill the very large paws that we're used to. 

- Bill Towne