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Kelley, an NBRAN girl, 9 years old, went to the Rainbow Bridge today. As Kelley's foster Mom, I had planned on not becoming too attached. Oh but she had other plans. She stole my heart with her sweet disposition and her expressive eyes. Her eyes told us a story of so wanting to be loved and appreciating it when you loved her back. And I am not sure how she did it but she helped my Britt, Digby to eat like a normal dog should eat. She taught him how to share his toys and that you don't have to growl about food. I enjoyed watching her play with him. She loved walking and playing in the little doggie wading pool. She also loved sharing our bed. She would lay as close to me as she could get. I doubt she had ever been allowed to sleep on a bed before. When I would be sitting at the computer she took Digby's spot sleeping right next to me. When she did he would look at me like, "Mom, she stole my spot, Mom." So in essence she taught him to share his Mom too. What breaks my heart the most is that even with her being so ill, she still wags her little nubby when I tell her how beautiful she is. I love her and I will miss her. My heart simply aches in letting her go, but I cannot allow her to keep suffering. Now she is set free from her pain. She is able to walk and run and play with her friends, and someday I will meet her at the rainbow bridge to take her home with me to be with Jesus, my savior and Lord. He loves her too.