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We received Maiya from NBRAN on 11-01-2006.  They guessed her age as 3. Today we had to let her go.  What a sad day.  She had a wonderful life with us.  Of course she was a typical Brittany. She loved chasing squirrels all day running back and forth along the fence.  Hunting was fun also.  She was a food addict and when we would leave she would get on the counters.  No problem. She forced us to always keep our counters clean. We already had the perfect trash can since she was our third Brittany. Can't blame a dog if the human can fix the problem.  She never, ever stole food out of the grandkids hands. She came to us with those manners.  We will miss her very much. We are too old to get another dog and we're very lucky to have ours. Thanks NBRAN. 


Mary Boone