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You came into my life on 4/8/2011. NBRAN had asked me to pick up a Brittany at the Loudon Cty TN shelter as it was a kill shelter. I hadn't seen many sick dogs, but you, sweetie, looked as sick as a dog could be. I brought you to the Vet who said you had congestive heart failure, severe dental disease, many fatty tumors, adenomas and limited vision.

We did get most of those issues taken care of, but you would develop newer and more exotic illnesses. My only regret is that I should have spent more time sitting on the floor with your head in my lap and less time on the computer trying to figure out what medicine to try next.

I named you Mercy because I felt only God's Mercy could save you. You did have some good months. You made your home in my tiny master bathroom - you felt safe there. You preferred Aimee's old bed to the new one I had gotten for you. You liked the short walks we took and being in the yard with those summer breezes on your face. I so wished you could talk - I had so many questions. But, you never, ever barked - only sometimes whimpering in your sleep. Then, one day, 12/12/12, you looked so miserable, it broke my heart, but I had to let you go.

Just after I posted that sad news on Facebook, a message from the Guidepost's site appeared. It said, "God's Mercy is Everlasting". I do believe that. See you later Sweetie!

- Luci Carleton