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It is with a combination of sadness and gratitude that we announce the crossing of the Rainbow Bridge of our beloved Mingo. We adopted him from NBRAN in 2012 at approx. 6yrs old. After many surgeries (thanks to NBRAN) it was discovered that his neutering was done improperly and kept us from getting him sooner than originally planned. However, it was worth the wait as he turned out to be a great healthy boy who brought not only joy and happiness into our lives but anyone he met.

He traveled with us from Virginia to Canada and Charleston and participated in several parades through his wonderful life with us. He earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate, passed three obedience courses, two agility courses and even tried coursing. During the last year of life he also took up doggie exercise classes! Needless to say, he also loved to run and face down squirrels. Several years after we adopted a second Britt from NBRAN as we thought it would be nice for Mingo to have a pal. Ranger & Mingo became fast buddies and we know that Ranger misses his bud as well. Within the last year Mingo had his first episode of Old Dog Syndrome (also known as Vestibular disorientation). He was now 13 yrs. It was very hard to see him like this at first but after a week he was back to normal. He had also been diagnosed with a heart murmur and was a trooper about taking the meds for that and his arthritis pain.

This past week we noticed how weak he was becoming and had difficulty standing and knew it was time. The vet came to our home where we could make him comfortable as we put him to sleep and give him our last caress and treats until we meet him again in the great beyond. Well a few months before we knew that Mingo might not be with us much longer. A 14-month-old purebred Brit (Jake) showed up at our local shelter. We put in an application (even though there were at least two other apps in the works). We felt that it was a sign if we got him, which we did, so now Ranger has a new companion too.


Anthony & Susan Versley