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Musgy came out of a Kansas shelter, barely escaping euthanasia. Unfortunately, he never found his "forever" home. At 11 months of age, Musgy died of acute liver failure on March 22 while in his foster home. He was a mellow, good-natured boy, who liked to hang out with humans, and who probably thought he was human. He was an odd-looking britt, but he had a way of looking at you that made you believe he could read your thoughts. He always lingered behind the other dogs, waiting for me to pet him. He was a quiet dog, and hardly ever barked, as if he was content with his place in life, and only wished for a gentle word, a kindly pet. I wish Musgy a safe journey and I hope he finds a great, green pasture to roll in where he will always be warm, and where people will pet him with kindness and love.

Cynthia Williams