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When high visibility dogs like Buster with the fractured neck, Rio with a shattered elbow, & Oliver Bear with dual FHO surgery, were in need of immediate and expensive specialized care, you generously opened your pocket book to help them.  We can’t thank you enough!

But NBRAN rescues hundreds of dogs each year that require mundane care such examinations, routine shots, removal of growths, teeth cleaning, spaying or neutering, and grooming.  Some dogs need more expensive but less glamorous care such as blood work, or mange or heartworm treatment.  But rest assured, each dog gets the care and love they need to have the best possible life.

2019 was also the year of the bonded pair. Becca and Britta are just one of many bonded pairs that we took into care this year.  They are 10 years old, lived outside all their lives, were not spayed, had no vaccinations and were heart worm positive. They are now going through heart worm treatment which is expensive and painful for the dogs. Like Becca and Britta, most of the other pairs were also seniors with health issues including heart murmurs, bad teeth, blindness, urinary tract infections and most needed vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery.  When NBRAN gets a bonded pair, we are COMMITTED to keeping them together.  This often means they are in foster care longer as they are harder to adopt, but they will remain in a loving foster home until they find their forever homes.

The adoption fees typically never cover the cost of the services these dogs receive when they come into our care, especially the seniors.  This is where your help is needed! It has been a YEAR since NBRAN’s last letter.  The necessary care of these wonderful dogs is depleting our financial resources.  Your monetary assistance is greatly appreciated!

At NBRAN, volunteers are the backbone of our organization.  Your donations are used to help the dogs, not to pay for executive retreats and self-promotion like some ‘rescues.’   Many of our vets discount their services. Transportation is donated by our drivers.  Foster homes provide food, toys, treats, and love, but We NEED Your Help!

What can your tax-deductible donation do? Your generous donations will help provide the needed health care required by abused, neglected or abandoned Brittanys. Lifesaving care needed by some dogs can cost NBRAN thousands of Dollars!

The first 100 Donations of $250 or more will also receive a 2020 NBRAN calendar, so Please  Donate today!!

Thank you for caring!