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It is with a combination of sadness and gratitude that we announce the crossing of the Rainbow Bridge by Gwen, adopted by Helen Tostevin in July 2016.

Gwen, then a senior, left a neglectful owner and came into NBRAN in January 2016. Her foster mom, Julie Jeffrey, nursed her through several surgeries. When she was ready for adoption, she went to her forever home with Helen and fur siblings Oliver and Annie.

When the weather permitted it, she loved her daily walks around the neighborhood, meeting and greeting both dogs and humans with her Brittany charm. She was described as a “sweetheart.”

Unfortunately, Gwen developed an enlarged heart, a severe leak in her mitral valve, and a minor leak in her aortic valve. Despite fighting her best fight, she kept growing weaker and weaker. Helen made the painful decision to walk her to the Bridge earlier this week (2/21/18). She was at her side to the very end.

Despite the sorrow of Gwen’s loss, Helen is grateful to all who contributed to the surgeries that bought them the last two years.

Gwen is missed by Helen, Oliver, Annie, and many friends and neighbors. She leaves behind a legacy of love and shines as an example of how seniors can enhance adopters’ lives.