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Planned Giving

Estate Planning With NBRAN

All pet owners want to be sure their animals are provided for.  You can take certain steps to insure your dogs are cared for when you can no longer do so, whether it be from illness, aging or death. 
You should engage an attorney to draw up your will and other documents for your estate planning.  You can establish the future care of your dogs in a will, a trust and other legal documents.  Your attorney can advise you on the best course of action.  
If you would like to have your dogs placed with National Brittany Rescue, you can put instructions in the will or trust that state:  Please contact National Brittany Rescue at 814-771-6720 or my state coordinator (insert name and number) to care for my dogs. 
You can use the following language to help your attorney craft your documents for your dogs:  I direct my executor or personal representative to place any and all my Brittany’s with National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN).  I direct my executor or personal representative to contact my veterinarian ___________________________________ (insert name and number) or if my veterinarian is unavailable, any veterinarian of the representative’s choosing to make sure my dogs are in good health before surrendering them to the rescue.  The veterinarian should make sure the dog is healthy and not suffering from any physical issues.  If the dogs require any veterinarian care, I direct my executor to make sure the care is provided and any fees for such care should be charged to my estate.  I also empower my veterinarian to release my dogs’ records to NBRAN.
If you wish to leave a financial gift to NBRAN for the care of your dogs, your attorney can specify that in the will or other document.  You can leave money to care for your dogs.  You can also leave money to NBRAN for unspecified reasons, or specific reasons.  If you wish to leave money to care for senior dogs, you can do that.  You can also leave property such as stocks, coin collections, land etc. Please contact Susan Spaid at 814-771-6720 or via email at for the rescue’s tax ID number and address.  Your attorney will probably want that information.
Your final wishes should be spelled out in a manner that your executor can follow your requests.  Working with your attorney is the best way to make sure that happens.  NBRAN is willing to work with your attorney as well.  If they would like to talk with us, use the number and email above.  
Knowing that your dogs will be cared for upon your death is a comfort and provides peace of mind.  If we can help you in any way, please call the number or use the email above. 
If you have any questions about making a bequest to National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network please contact:
Susan Spaid 
NBRAN President
William Canney
NBRAN Treasurer