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So hard to type this as I still tear up every time I think of Sam.  He was the happiest little guy & brought boundless joy to our family. It's impossible to convey in words just how silly our little man was.

From chasing squirrels to hunting moles to paddling in circles in the koi pond searching for frogs, he never stopped making us laugh. Even at night when he tried valiantly to hide his trophies in his mouth so he could bring them inside with him.

The highlight was the day he discovered the nest of baby bunnies & brought them in one at a time - still alive.  I couldn't figure out where the “squeaking" was coming from - imagine my dismay when I realized it was emanating from Sam's mouth! 

He was the ultimate snuggle boy & knew just when I needed some extra love.  In Sam's honor we are expecting our first NBRAN foster pups this weekend.  The house is just too quiet without a Brittany in residence.  Our time with Sam was short at only 4 years but his impact will last forever. 

Run free silly Sam I Am - you have my heart!


Deborah Broockerd