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First I would like to thank NBRAN for this page and the many efforts they do to help these beautiful friends.

Today is December 13, 2011. I find myself writing with tears on my keyboard. In May of 1995, I brought Sammie home to live with my family. She got sick in the car. I thought she was not comfortable riding, but such was not the case. She had parvo. For a week, I forced liquid and vitamins every 30 minutes all night long, then to the vet at 7 am for the IVs. At one point, I thought she had died. But we were lucky, she lived. Because of the parvo, we always thought she would have a shortened life.

Sammie went everywhere with me. She became a true companion to me and my family. But as the years passed (they just slipped away and it seems so short for her), she had arthritis in her front legs and back and difficulty getting around along with a few other problems. I helped her and we worked together to make sure she was comfortable and happy. But yesterday, 12/12/2011, I lost my sweetheart. It is one of the saddest days of my life. But we did not get cheated. She was with me 16 years and 8 months. Only now can I really realize just how much and often I talked with my sweet Brittany.

I have to believe that she is a free spirit now, free of her sore aged body. And that of all creatures on Earth, she especially is worthy of a place in heaven with my mother and father. I love Sammie so much. We took care of each other for so many years. Thank you Sammie for the years of joy, love and companionship. We will travel together again.