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I remember the day that Shelby picked me…………..I was sitting on Barbara Brownridge’s lawn with three female orange and white Brittany Spaniels.

This was July………..and they had been born in June.  I knew I wanted a female, but which one !  I decided to let one pick me.  The first one to approach me was Shelby.

She came home with me in August, and life was never the same.  Shelby was of course a normal high energy girl.  I quickly learned to embrace her energy level as well as the great outdoors.  Shelby’s Mom was an obedience champion and Shelby too became a quick study.   Soon enough we were hiking trails around London and eventually we hiked trails on the Bruce Peninsula, as well as northern Quebec, where friends had a cottage.  

She wasn’t always the perfect dog…………..she did have a mischievous streak !  Fun, fun, fun to run through muddy swamps in hot pursuit of a rabbit.  My orange and white dog was often white, orange and black.  She did mellow with age, and when she was nine, I purchased a blond cockapoo.  Oliver loved his Shelby………he would chew her ears and Shelby would let him.   I knew that he would miss Shelby when her time came, so I adopted another Brittany.  Kallie is my little blind Brittany………..she could never be a replacement for Shelby, but I could give her a good home and give Oliver a companion.  Shelby left this world on July 02, 2009……… fifteen years old.  My heart was broken, but a know Shelby had a wonderful life……….She had a warm, loving home, great companions,  home made food and the freedom to run off-leash on trails.

She was the inspiration to become involved with the National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network. 

Helen Tostevin
Ontario Coordinator