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It was one year ago that I was asked to become a Foster to an ole gal who was in need. She was in bad shape. Malnourished, filthy matted fur, rotten teeth, healed broken elbow, bad hind legs and bad panic attacks.  The filthy shelter in Trenton, NJ named her Brittany but I called her Sweet Pea.  It took her months before she settled in to our routine and us to hers.  Her panic attacks lessened and she started coming over to us to be petted, rocked and kissed. She enjoyed chicken, steak, veggies and anything else her heart desired.   She liked to walk and her back legs were getting stronger but suddenly, she past away last week. For the one year at the end of her life, she was a part of our family, and knew what it was like to be loved. RIP Sweet Pea. You will be missed.


Ellizabeth Bays