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Toby Hart Fox was an amazing Brit! He had an unfortunate start for the first five years of his live, but thanks to the efforts of so many fine folks at NBRAN, his last five were all a dog could hope for. Toby's (soon to be sister) had gone in to be spayed at the late age of 10, and missing Chewie, I checked out NBRAN's website. Toby had a heart shaped marking on his head. My wife had a wonderful grandma named Granny Hart, so I made an innocent inquiry. Two days later on, believe it or not, 7/7/07, Toby came to our home through the efforts of Deb McWhorter and others.

Toby had a bad owner that tied him up and he always chewed through the ropes. After the 4th time, he was hit by a car and lost all of one leg and badly damaged the other. An animal welfare group paid for his surgery, but his owner gave him back after only 10 days thinking he would be useless as he was a working dog. That was fortunate for both Toby, Tracy and me. When Deb brought him to our home, he quickly sniffed Chewie - she growled, being cranky from coming home from the vet - then he ran straight for a big fluffy bed, laid down, and we knew he in his forever home.

As Toby healed, he learned to run like the wind, swim like a fish, and beg for treats like nobody's business! He was able to run a 100 acre farm and be the dog he was always meant to be. Sadly, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 11/3/12. He and Chewie both overlook a nice little creek on the Farm, and we can only imagine he's splashing in the creek or swimming in one of the ponds.

The photo is of him at the Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site, where he spent a lot of time. Even with only three legs, he could point like a champ!

Our deepest thanks go to the many who helped Toby reach our home. Michelle Bender helped him heal in Michigan, Julie Jeffrey fostered him, and Deb McWhorter brought him to our home in Indianapolis. I know there are many, many others who helped Toby along the way. You have our undying thanks and gratitude for all you do!

Dave Fox