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Our Brittany was a true Angel. As the saying goes Angel's are just Brittany's with wings. She held true to that. Our Angels name was Tuscarora Rising Sun. She was 14 yrs old. She was a great mother and a great companion to all. She has left behind a 13 year companion named Sir Rocky Zevon Apache and two pups, River Sundance Apache and Autumn Amber Rising Sun. Tuscarora they miss you very much. Tusc was one of the best hunting dogs there ever was. She had three letters of pups also. No matter where I went day or night she always followed behind me. I called her my shadow. She was one of the most beautiful Britt's I've ever seen. Tusc had a rough past few months but made it through some rough seas with her sail flying high. Unfortunately this past Friday the water was too rough and she couldn't go on. We had to let her go. She will be missed terribly. My heart is empty but my memories are full of all the great times we shared together. Through good and bad she was always there to give me kisses. She was full of nothing but unconditional love.

We loved her so much and always will. Saturday 8/14/04