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As I watch my Little Red Headed Puppy Fly

A white streak of lightening,

Thru the darkness you ran.

Faster than the humans behind you,

Quicker than the moonlight behind you.


Your nose led you, you senses fed you -

Oblivious to the humans calling you back.

For the full moon was your master, leading you further and further into

The deep darkness of the wild woods and into the secrets of Mother Ocean


Often the chase led you down a foreign road making the path home murky.

A great hunter you were, but at times your senses got confused.

Going and going and going you ran. And swam. And ran.

Chasing the birds, sniffing the air, exploring each and every hole.

That which you could not kill you would outrun –

Amazingly you held your ground against the Bear.

A win against the fox and the hare.

A tie it was considered between you and the porcupine.

But a loss most certainly against the skunk.

On more than one occasion…

Only until darkness descended, and light returned would you remember and hunger for home.

And bed. And cuddles with Ma and Pa.

In need, you sought comfort where you could. And then the little red headed puppy found angels in strangers that always helped him find his way home.

Fly home our little red-headed puppy, fly home. You have given us such a wonderful glimpse of true heart and soul. May we humans learn from your pureness and aspire to such greatness. Say hello to Saint Francis for us - we are missing you terribly but will see you when we get there.

Love, Ma and Pa