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Willie came to us in July 2011. He had been picked up earlier that summer as a stray in Pennsylvania by a local veterinarian and surrendered to NBRAN. Willie was our first foster dog from NBRAN. When he arrived, he was being treated for Lyme Disease, and two badly infected ears. Unfortunately very shortly after he arrived he developed a severe allergic reaction to something, which took several months to get clear of. At that point of course we were very attached to him, as he was to us, and we decided that we should adopt him. He was believed to be about 10-11 years old at that time.

Shortly after arriving, we realized that Willie was almost totally deaf. His nose more than made up for any lack of hearing however, and he would wake up from a dead sleep if anyone walked into the room with food.

Willie’s back legs deteriorated significantly over the past year and a half, and his eyesight was also going. Sadly, he began having difficulty getting around and was falling frequently. The vet also confirmed that he was suffering from some heart issues as well. As we watched him struggle to get up in the morning each day, my husband and I finally made the decision that it was time for Willie to head to the Bridge. It was a very difficult decision, but we felt that it would be kinder than waiting for him to break a leg, which was undoubtedly in his future with his daily falls.

Willie was the sweetest boy we have ever had. He never did learn how to play, but he sure knew how to love and be loved.

We enjoyed the last three years with him, and hope that we were able to provide the best possible environment for him to live out his final years.

Diane and Steve Hopper