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Meet sweet senior girl Abby currently in long term/hospice care in Indiana. Abby is about 12 years old and she was 1 of 2 Brits pulled by NBRAN from a Southern shelter earlier this year.
Abby is just a love according to her foster mom. She enjoys go outside with the other fosters in the home or hanging out by her fosters feet. Unfortunately, Abby being a senior gal also has some health issue. She currently is under the vets care for what is believed to be either an old injury or age related spine and hip degeneration issues, as well as she has a heart murmur. All of which make her very and near to her foster Mom’s heart.
Abby’s current ongoing expenses include medication for her heart murmur as well as Adequan injection for pain management for her spine and hips issue, in addition to any routine vetting she may also need as well.