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Meet Fonzie, a 4 month old foster pup in NY suffering from a severe malocclusion (overbite). 
A malocclusion is an abnormal alignment of the teeth, also called an abnormal bite. Malocclusions can be harmless, or they can be a problem for your pet when there is abnormal tooth-to-tooth or tooth to- soft tissue contact. This tooth-tooth or tooth-soft tissue contact can cause pain and long-lasting side effects that have a negative impact on your pets health unless the malocclusion is addressed.
Little Fonzie's malocclusion is so extreme that he has 2 holes in his hard palate from his misaligned teeth constantly pushing on the roof of his mouth. Not only is this painful for Fonzie, it impacts his ability to properly chew his food.
Fonzie also has one broken tooth causing him discomfort, which is likely due to the constant contact it made with his upper jaw and teeth.  His jaw is so misaligned that his bottom front teeth have created a groove in the roof of his mouth.
Sweet Fonzie has what is called a Mandibular disocclusion, where the lower jaw (mandible) is too short. This is a genetic skeletal deformity. The short jaw can cause the mandibular canine teeth or incisors to traumatize the palate and gum tissue of the maxilla (upper jaw), causing pain and damaging the teeth.
Fonzie will be having costly dental surgery on this week to help improve his bite, to help him chew normally, and to reduce his pain. This will require the removal of 8 baby teeth and 6 permanent incisor teeth. Extraction of the teeth may not completely correct the problem, but it will alleviate the pain associated with abnormal contact until his permanent (adult) teeth erupt. The cost of this surgery is estimated to be $2300-$2600.
Can you help us help Fonzie to be pain free and live the life he deserves?  Your generous donation will go to help Fonzie and so many others.
Thank YOU as always for your caring and support!