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Last spring my husband and I decided to adopt a senior Brittany. We have a 6-year-old Brittany, Toby, who never had to share us, but we felt it was important to rescue an older dog.

I searched the NBRAN website and there he was! I can’t explain what drew me to Boomer. Was it because we are both Ohio natives? Or was it that beautiful face? Initially my husband and I wanted to adopt a dog who was maybe 8 to 10 years old, and Boomer is 12, but once I saw him, it was over. I was in love!

Last June the NBRAN Canine Railroad brought Boomer to us and we are forever grateful. He is so sweet and loving. The only thing Boomer asks of us is to be petted and held. I had heard that was the case with dogs who are rescued, but had never experienced it firsthand.

As with a lot of rescue dogs, Boomer had a very rough life and almost didn’t make it. His Foster Mom, Vivian, will always be a hero to me. She nursed him back to health and we are forever grateful. She has very helpful and kind, and is always there to answer any questions I might have.

Thank you NBRAN for our sweet Boomer!

Mike and Vickie Levi